Daniel, let me answer you in English, as I don't speak Spanish, hope I got your point (with the help from google translate) and you'll get my point.

A common use-case for most of the editors with any languages but ObjectScript is just to edit code. With some extra possibilities related to a particular language.

But InterSystems, not a common language, and as you said you have to compile your code and would like to have more control over it.

If you would need to do it in Java, you rather use Gradle or Ant, if it would be C,C++ I think something like cmake. JavaScript or TypeScript even also use some kind of compilers. But most of those tools work outside of any editor. So, I'm sure that InterSystems ObjectScript not an exception here anyway, I would not say that's a good way if VSCode would have so much control over it. My point is, that you some own ways how to build the entire project from sources. And the most common way to do it now with %Installer manifest.

ClassMethod GetSSLConfiguration(host) As %String
  IF '##class(Security.SSLConfigs).Exists(host) {
    DO ##class(Security.SSLConfigs).Create(host)
  QUIT host

Set tRequest = ##class(%Net.HttpRequest).%New()
Set tRequest.Server = "community.intersystems.com"
Set tRequest.Https = 1
Set tRequest.SSLConfiguration = ..GetSSLConfiguration(tRequest.Server)