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InterSystems Corporation

I've been developing applications for InterSystems, primarily using InterSystems' technologies, since 2009. As an intern (2009-2012) I developed vMonkey, an internal application that automates the setup of virtual machines for the Support department. From 2012 to 2014 I was part of the Application Services team. My main focus was on integrating our internal systems, and I contributed to most of our 30+ internal applications at some point. My largest project was rolling out a homegrown single sign-on (SSO) system for use among nearly all of these applications. The Developer Community uses it now, too!

I'm currently working on InSync, an ERP product intended to complement TrakCare, meeting hospitals' needs for enterprise accounting, budgeting, billing, supply chain management, and much more.

Before joining InterSystems full time, I was a student at Grove City College. I majored in Electrical Engineering (Computer Engineering concentration) and Mathematics, and graduated in 2012. Outside of work, I enjoy running and playing various musical instruments.

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