Incidentally, did the VMS directory you ran your ComplexDelete("MEMBER_EXTRACT.*;*") on contain any files other than MEMBER_EXTRACT.* ones? Because if it did, my hunch is they all had their latest version deleted by that call because of how the semicolon gets treated as a delimiter of wildcard patterns.

After a couple of maintenance releases this week we're now up to version 3.0.5. The recent changes:

  • Improve performance when opening documents from namespaces containing a large number of items.
  • Switch to Explorer view after 'Add Folder to Workspace' command.
  • Make 'Never' option of license message work as designed.
  • Check keyfile on initial connect.
  • Key request email body lacked linebreaks.
  • Add a clipboard-copying alternative to the option that attempts to compose a key request email.
  • Add client DN to message when certificate check fails.
  • Avoid affecting MRU records of a connected Deltanji.
  • Support binary web app files.
  • Cater for text files without terminator on final line.
  • Malformed serverAddress setting prevented Serenji from connecting to Deltanji.
  • Skip web apps that have a dispatch class defined.
  • Web app files in subdirectories more than one level deep were not listing.
  • When not using Cache authentication, userid in new document template was wrong.
  • Web app files written into an unmanaged namespace via the pkg:// notation were being set readonly.
  • Clear previous VSCode Problems entries when fixing CSP compile errors.
  • Fix unreliable behaviour when ephemeral ports are being used.

Maybe the lack of line indent in Marc's post confused you. Try this:

%Split(List,Array,del) ;;liberating a VB function
 S del=$G(del,"|")
 Do ##class(%ListOfDataTypes).BuildValueArray($lfs(List,del),.Array)
 Q 1

Wanna see the current results before you vote? Just log out of DC. Then view the poll. When you're ready to cast your vote, log in again wink

I agree, but unfortunately Portal's edit forms for config items always apply settings  into the production class (the XData block). Even worse, Portal ignores the source control status of the production class, so you can't prevent these changes. Portal users have to go elsewhere to add/edit System Defaults values. It's far from obvious, nor is it easy. And because they don't have to (i.e. the users can just make the edit in the Portal panel and save it) nobody does. We raised all this years ago, but so far it's remained unaddressed sad

See also

Folder within VSCode? Or folder on your local disk, that you could browse using Windows Explorer or macOS Finder in order to see a set of textfiles containing classes, routines etc?

Please clarify what you are referring to when you say "client-side code".

I've checked that it compile, is synchronized server-client and vice versa.

Is this referring to when you're using the Serenji extension? If so, understand that there is no client-side copy of your code (so no synchronization involved). Serenji works directly on your server-side code.

It's good. Only I'm missing the intellisense

Yes, Serenji doesn't yet do a good enough job of providing Intellisense. It's on our roadmap.

If you disable ObjectScript VSCode and enable Serenji I hope you'll be able to work the Serenji way. Please try it.