1. You have whitespaces after commas. It should be:

Parameter SETTINGS = "-DeleteFromServer,-ArchivePath,RemoteArchive,TargetConfigNames";

Also I think you're defining your settings in Operation? I'm not sure it would work. I think you need to redefine adapter settings in adapter, like so:

Class App.FTP.InboundAdapter Extends EnsLib.FTP.InboundAdapter {

Parameter SETTINGS = "-DeleteFromServer,-ArchivePath";


Not sure why you're including RemoteArchive in your settings, as it's already there in ancestors. I removed it.

After that use your new adapter in your operation.

2. What does $classname(..Adapter.FTP) return?

Use published container.

docker run -d \
  -p 52773:52773 \
  --name irispy \

I've been thinking about it but I think there are more letter characters. Unicode is a big place.

InitGlobals process Avg. Duration would be the time between [2] and [16]. So all other processes are "included" in that time.

Pool Size setting is shown on Production Configuration page.

i think you have several process jobs.

Finally, can you show Visual Trace with the first process?


for i=1,5,7,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,51,52,53,54 write $j(i,2),"  ",$C(27)_"["_i_"m"_"Hello"_$C(27)_"[0m",!