· 30 mar, 2023

Ya hay programadas 65 sesiones para el Global Summit. Y subiendo...

¡Hola Comunidad!

Acabamos de subir los títulos de 65 sesiones a la página web del Global Summit -- y hay planeadas algunas más. 

Llevo siete años trabajando en el Global Summit y creo que el programa de este año es el mejor de todos hasta ahora -- principalmente porque os hemos pedido a vosotros que nos sugiráis temas.

Más abajo podéis leer los títulos de las ponencias:

  1. Adaptive Analytics in Action: Two Customer Use Cases
  2. Application of Design Thinking
  3. Artificial Intelligence Healthcare Solutions: Time to Take Action
  4. Best Practices for InterSystems IRIS System Performance in the Cloud
  5. Better Together: Capturing High-Volume / High-Frequency Streams of Discrete Clinical Data & Making It Available in HealthShare Unified Care Record & Beyond
  6. Building a FHIR Façade 
  7. Bulk FHIR Export
  8. Can You Autoscale This?  Lessons from the Field on Kubernetes
  9. Clinical Alerts & Notifications on FHIR: Putting the Healthcare Action Engine into the Workflow
  10. Clinical Research Data Pipeline Using FHIR & OMOP
  11. Clinical Trial Tech Innovation: Accelerating Trial Timelines & Improving Outcomes via Connected Health Data 
  12. Columnar Storage: The Lean Data Warehouse
  13. CommonWell Connection
  14. Digital Health Showcase: Monetizing Your Own Health Data
  15. Digital Health Showcase: Virtual Care 
  16. Distributed Querying with InterSystems IRIS
  17. Embedded Python as a Bridge
  18. Embedded Source Control with Git & Containers
  19. Encryption Landscape for Data at Rest
  20. FHIR in the Cloud
  21. FHIR to IntegratedML: Can You Get There from Here?
  22. Genomics Data in HealthShare 
  23. Getting to Know FHIR: The Best Explanation of FHIR They've Ever Heard
  24. Health Data De-Identifier
  25. HealthShare Care Community: New & Next
  26. HealthShare Clinical Viewer: New & Next
  27. HealthShare Connect: Upgrade Automation/Production Validator
  28. HealthShare Deployment Automation at Warp Speed
  29. HealthShare Health Connect: New & Next
  30. HealthShare Health Insight: New & Next
  31. HealthShare Patient Index & Provider Directory: New & Next
  32. HealthShare Unified Care Record: New & Next
  33. High-Speed Ingestion Using InterSystems IRIS Persister with Java
  34. How Netsmart Moved to InterSystems IRIS in the Cloud
  35. How to Customize the IRIS for Health FHIR Repository
  36. How to Get the Most Out of the InterSystems Developer Ecosystem
  37. IntegratedML: New & Next
  38. InterSystems Cloud Services: IRIS SQL & IntegratedML
  39. InterSystems IRIS Business Intelligence Tips & Tricks
  40. InterSystems IRIS Scalability: New & Next Plus Ultra
  41. Introducing HealthShare Analytic Solution Builder
  42. Introducing InterSystems Supply Chain Connect
  43. Introduction to Design Thinking
  44. Language Connectivity: New & Next
  45. Migrating our Data Lake from MS SQL Server to InterSystems IRIS 
  46. Migrating to InterSystems IRIS Made Easy
  47. Near Real-Time Analytics with InterSystems IRIS & Debezium Change Data Capture
  48. North West London Integrated Care System Go-Live with Health Connect Cloud
  49. OAUTH 2.0 Fundamentals
  50. OAuth2 in Practice with InterSystems Products
  51. Optimizing Supply Chains with InterSystems Supply Chain Connect
  52. Performing Advanced FHIR Validation
  53. Personal Community: New & Next
  54. Projecting Your Globals to SQL
  55. Regulatory Roundup: What’s New in the Interoperability Arena
  56. Security Updates
  57. Startup Showcase: Lightning Pitches 
  58. Stepping Out of the Shadows: How the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Migrated to Mirroring, InterSystems IRIS & the Cloud
  59. System Index: A New Pipeline for Data in the Unified Care Record
  60. The Container Lifecycle: When is Your App Ready to Accept Work?
  61. Updating Legacy UIs for Modern Browsers: Lessons Learned & Steps Forward
  62. Use Natural Language Processing & Artificial Intelligence for Risk Adjustment
  63. Using InterSystems Reports for Insight
  64. VS Code: Modern Development on All Platforms 
  65. Working with Containers & InterSystems Technology

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