How to remove an interactive field entirely in a Dtl

The phone number field for the PID segment was customized to send email address in PID 13.4. How can I remove the email address to map only the phone number to the PID 13.1 field? 

PID|1||098456||PRINCESS^TUMBELINA^^^^||19011201|F||W|4382 POTATO DRIVE^^SUGARLAND^TX^74845^^^^980||7839854885^^^LILKIM5@OUTLOOK.COM|||S|NON|||||||||||||N|

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I'm assuming that the source message includes the email address in PID:13.4 and that your DTL is set to "copy" mode?

If so, you can add a "set" action to set the value of PID:13.4 to an empty string ("").

Thanks Marc..

The DTL is set to Copy mode but the Schema from the source is customized. There are no drop downs for the PID 13 field.

The incoming message carries the phone number in PID 13.1 and email address in PID 13.4. If I put a "" it automatically empties the PID 13 field. I'm looking to get rid of the email address only and keep just the phone number.

PID|1||098456||PRINCESS^TUMBELINA^^^^||19011201|F||W|4382 POTATO DRIVE^^SUGARLAND^TX^74845^^^^980||7839854885^^^LILKIM5@OUTLOOK.COM|||S|NON|||||||||||||N|

If you can't / don't want to fix the source schema then you can always copy values from the target, assuming it does have a schema.

So for instance your would do a set on...


And give it the value...


This will replace the entire target field with just the target phone number.

Thanks Sean..

I tried plugging in your code but its giving me an error message 'PhoneNumber(1).phonenumber is invalid'

These are paths from a 2.4 specification. You will need to figure out the paths that are specific to your schema. Try these steps...

1. Create a set on PID:13.1

2. Cut the path from the property box

3. Delete that set

4. Create a set on PID:13 (not PID:13.1)

5. Paste in the path you cut into the value box

I was just thinking, if you are on a schema before 2.4 then you might not have sub fields to do this.

In which case here is a quick hack, set the value to...


Long term its better to customise your schema's.