Open Exchange App How to Start Development with InterSystems IRIS in Less Than a Minute

Hi Developers!

Often I find questions on how to install IRIS, connect to IRIS from IDE, setup the environment, compile, debug, maintain the repository.

Here below possibly the shortest way to set up all the environment and start development with ObjectScript on InterSystems IRIS.


Make sure you have Git, Docker, and VSCode installed

Install Docker and ObjectScript extensions into VSCode

Sign in or Create an account on Github

Here we go!

To start development you do the following:

  • Use the template repository and create your own repository on Github.
  • Clone your repository with git on your desktop in terminal
  • Open repository in VSCode
  • Use docker-compose.yml to build the container with InterSystems IRIS and import all the ObjectScript from /src folder into USER namespace of IRIS container.
  • Open a terminal to IRIS and call the imported ObjectScript code
  • Make a change to ObjectScript code and compile it
  • Commit and push changes to your GitHub repository

Check the screencast below:


Or check the long video with all the explanations.

What's next? Start learning ObjectScript with Online Learning and Documentation.

Also check Beginner posts, Best Practices and ObjectScript code guidelines.

Happy coding!

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