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Hi Ed!

This is $Translate again )

Assume you need all the ASCII codes from 33 to 126 - letters, numbers, punctuation.


classmethod onlygood(str) as %String


for i=0:1:255 set $E(all,i)=$C(i)

for i=33:1:126 set $E(good,i)=$C(i)

// adding spaces for "no good" symbols

set good=$J("",34)_good_$J("",129)

return $tr(str,all,good)


The answer is:

To remove the Count measure put any other measure of the cube into the Measures section of the Pivot.

Hi Vivek!

If you want to check for all the required fields instead of checking it on %Save,  you better scan the class before %Save on the properties with required flag and check whether you have the value for it.

IMHO, this is the only way to show all the required fields at once.

Hi Vandrei!

Als check the video on how to start coding InterSystems Object Script with GitHub and VSCode on IRIS Community Edition. Takes 5 min.

Hi Vivek!

Instead of &sql ... 

you can do:

write objExternalUser.%Id()

Hi @Vivek Nayak!

Always check the status of %Save - it could result in an error. And I think this what was happened in your case.

90% of my "it doesn't save" with %Save caused by MAXLEN of %String property. %String property goes with MAXLEN=50 by default and it's often not enough. Check you have a such ;)




Hi Salma!

If you import this file from this Open Exchange project it can do the export classes in folders:

Once imported call this to setup a folder:

USER>do ##class(dev.code).workdir("my/workdir/src")

Call this to export all classes, macro, deepsee resources in a given workdir.

My one)


ClassMethod FizzBuzz()


f i=1:1:100 {

s k=i

f a=3,5,15 s:'(i#a) k=$CASE(a,3:"Fizz",5:"Buzz",:"FizzBuzz")

w k,!



Out of curiosity - if Combochart doesn't work for you? I think it can show the data in different styles for different series on a one widget.