Importing multiple records in CSV file

I came across How to import a tab separated text file into a SQL table programmatically?, which appears to indicate that I can pass the filename and all records will be imported. However, when I put use the Import method only a single record gets imported. However, all records are imported if I use the management console to import the file by selecting it and choosing the options.

Has anyone ran into this in the past?

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Have you modified Import method in your class to show errors?

if $$$ISOK(tStatus) { set tCounter = tCounter + 1 } else { w $System.Status.GetErrorText(tStatus) return}

Most likely you're getting an error and import stops.

I did this as instructed on the referenced post, but no errors are being encountered.

When you're using Import, one record that imports - is it correct (corresponds to one string in csv)?