ECP between Caché vs. IRIS

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During migration from Caché to IRIS I can preview a situation where some instance
have migrated to IRIS while others are still on Caché.
For various reasons this may be in place for some weeks or even months as the big bang isn't feasable.

So far I found a lot of statements related to mixed endinans,
but nothing related to cross operation beween IRIS and Caché.

?? any hints ??
?? any experience ??




Difficult to call it "an experience", while I just can say: it works.

During my first attempt to accommodate our Application to IRIS I built a configuration as follows:
- cachehost: Caché 2017.2.2.865.0 acting as ECP server with DB-DATA-C and DB-CODE-C databases,
- irishost: IRIS 2019.1.1.608.0 acting as ECP client with DB-DATA-C-DS (-> ^cachehost^DB-DATA-C) and DB-CODE-I (initially - local copy of DB-CODE-C).

This allowed me to start classes and routines conversion to (and testing in) IRIS sharing the common data with running Caché instance. Both instances were running under CentOS Linux 7.

Hi Otto-

ECP between IRIS and Cache based technology is supported (version restrictions apply) to support migration of applications/data from a Cache based platform to InterSystems IRIS.

Excellent suggestions to separate code from data and just move the code to IRIS.
Thank you all.

Building on Jenna's comment, I would highly recommend reviewing the IRIS Adoption Guide available from the WRC Distributions Docs page for the full word on compatibility.