Video Recording: InterSystems Developers Meetup at Global Summit 2019

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Hi Community,

As you may know, we successfully held InterSystems Developers Meetup in Boston at Global Summit 2019. And now it's time to find out which solutions development on InterSystems IRIS have been discussed! 

Please welcome the Meetup video recording on InterSystems Developers YouTube Channel:

⏯ InterSystems Developers Meetup - Global Summit 2019


So, let's warmly greet these sessions from InterSystems developers:




Using Python Gateway with InterSystems IRIS

@Eduard Lebedyuk, InterSystems


VSCode ObjectScript - your IDE for InterSystems IRIS development

@Dmitriy Maslennikov, CaretDev


Using Package Manager for deployment InterSystems Solutions

@Evgeny Shvarov, InterSystems


Falling in love with Visual Studio Code and Serenji

 @John Murray, George James Software 


InterSystems IRIS and the Cloud

 @Anton UmnikovInterSystems 


How Your Code Matters!

 @Dmitriy Maslennikov, CaretDev

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Big applause for these speakers!  And thanks to all participants of the Meetup! 👏🏼

Please find more details in this post.

Enjoy watching the video! 


What about the next events? Do you want our community to held more such meetups for InterSystems developers?

Your feedback is very welcome! 

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