Copy/Export multiple Transformations

Hello All.

In need of some help.

We are currently migrating Interfaces from JCAPS to HealthConnect 19.1 and have done a lot of work on our Dev server.  I am looking to copy/export this work over to the Test server and have managed to export the production and Rules, HL7 custom Schemas etc.  The only thing left now are the Data Transformations but so far I can only find ways of copying the transformations over individually.  Is there some way to copy all of the transformations we have produced in our namespace to another server in one go?  


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Hi Robert,

You can actually export the entire production in a single go through the Export button found in the Actions tab of the Production Settings. You would then use the "Manage / Deployment Changes" page on the target system to deploy the entire production to the destination namespace.

Other options include: Select "Files of type: DTL Document (*.dtl)" in Studio's Export option under the Tools menu (click "Add"), and select the entire list with shift-click (and similarly import through Studio), or use the ObjectScript class method  $System.OBJ.Export("*.dtl","/path/to/exportfile.xml") and corresponding import method $system.OBJ.Load("/path/to/importfile.xml") in the target environment.

The class methods work locally on your HealthConnect servers; if they're physically distinct hosts you'll need to copy the export file to the target server. Also you would run the export/load utilities in the namespace in which your production is located, of course ...


Hi Jeffrey

Thanks for your advice.  The first option didn't seem to for me as transformation are only added if you individually add them in and this would take too long.  The second option worked well though and I have used that to copy them over.

Thanks again

Are the DTLs referenced in routing rules or are they being called from custom Business Processes (or BPLs)? I verified the first option using a production at my current client and the DTLs are all there in the export list.

The DTLs are referenced in routing rules but it didn't seem to pick them up.  I've sync'd the Dev and Test Productions now but i'll check on my next integration and see how it behaves.