Open Exchange App Background Jobs over ECP

Solapas principales

Running a Background Job using JOB command is a well-known feature.
Using ECP to distribute databases to several servers is also well know.
But using the combination of both to run a process on a different server
seems to be a rare case.

The example is available in Open Exchange
Sure there are enough other ways to start a remote job, but the special
combination with ECP where the application server starts a process on a
data server without additional networking is worth to be remembered.
The example starts a remote process and receives back a result.
The parameters sent and received are pure demo purpose and require
adaption to the individual needs.
All you need is a namespace with its data mapped on an ECP server.
As the technique used is an elementary design. It works the same way
also from one namespace to the other. Eg. From SAMPLES to USER or reverse.
ECP is just a data management feature and not an operational requirement.
Just place the routine in the 2 namespaces you want to connect.
Edit namespace parameters and run test^ECP.job to see it moving.

SAMPLES>d test^ECP.job
^|"USER"|ECP.job(12268,0)="2019-05-30 17:27:18"
^|"USER"|ECP.job(12268,1,1)="param 1"
^|"USER"|ECP.job(12268,1,2)="param 2"
^|"USER"|ECP.job(12268,1,3)="param 3"
^|"USER"|ECP.job(12268,1,4)="param 4"
^|"USER"|ECP.job(12268,1,5)="param 5"
^|"USER"|ECP.job(12268,2,1)=$lb("param 1","param 2","param 3","param 4","param 5")
^|"USER"|ECP.job(12268,2,2)="2019-05-30 17:27:19"
^|"USER"|ECP.job(12268,2,3)="***** done *****"


For ease of use, both the client and the server code are homed together.
Not a requirement, just for comfort.