AnalyzeThis – Quickly learn the power of InterSystems BI (now supports Classes as Data Source)

AnalyzeThis is a tool for getting a personalized preview of your own data inside of InterSystems BI. This allows you to get first hand experience with InterSystems BI and understand the power and value it can bring to your organization. In addition to getting a personalized preview of InterSystems BI through an import of a CSV file with your data, Classes and SQL Queries are now supported as Data Sources in v1.1.0!

At the 2018 Global Summit, AnalyzeThis(link to original DC article) was announced and released to InterSystems Open Exchange. Version 1.1.0 is now available through InterSystems Open Exchange. This release adds both Classes and SQL Queries as supported Data Sources. This allows you to install AnalyzeThis into an existing namespace and quickly select an existing class to start understanding the insights that InterSystems BI can bring to your organization.

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